Feeling really shiittty right now. I’m scared. I really want to make something out of my life. I feel like I don’t have a life. I’m working at a terrible call center. Living somewhere I don’t like. Stressed. I want to move on to the bigger and better plans for my future. I feel like AZ is a dead end and i barely like anyone here. Meoooow. 

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where do the signs wanna have sex::

Aries - Mile high club
Gemini - teachers desk

Cancer - under the moon 

leo - Red carpet
Virgo - sterilised hospital bed

libra - flowerbed
scorpio - cemetery

capricorn - elevator

sagittarius - in the middle of nowhere probably with a foreigner 
Taurus - nature reserve

aquarius - spaceship 

pisces - library


Wicked Zodiac - Who Can Do the Most Damage?
Aries may have a reputation for confrontation and intimidation, Gemini for gossip and manipulation, Virgo for distance and criticism but which signs from the zodiac can really be the most psychologically destructive? Leave that up to the signs that are also the most psychologically therapeutic. The Water Triplicy; Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. The water signs are almost psychic in their perceptions and insights, although this is often clouded by emotions, irrationality, intensity of feelings and imagination. 
When a water sign has been wounded, they can be amongst the most destructive of psychic vampires. The intuition that comes with knowing how to heal people, is equally as skilled at destroying them. Although water signs are never outwardly aggressive (Scorpio, confrontational at times) they will respond if they feel personally scathed. An intensity of emotions which can lead to impulsivity, delusion and over compensating imaginations can turn even the most shy of water signs into an irrational hell bent rage in the name of revenge. While a water signs attack may not be physical, their psychological damage will transpire in every affliction; mental, physiological and spiritual. 
Water signs are known to follow their intuition and at times neglect reality. This can allow them to be lead astray in emotions and respond to unnatural feelings and malicious discontent. In moments out of touch with reality, the therapeutic knowledge in the right words and the right moment in helping someone is reversed. With this innate intuitive insight also comes the capacity to literally devastate someone from within. 
In terms of criminality, Cancerians are known mostly as being ‘passion killers’; killing multiple times and leaving some kind of markings on their victims’ bodies to distinguish themselves. Many were understood to be mentally unstable. Scorpio overrepresented in ‘contract’ killers. The relationship between the Water Triplicy and criminality was quite resounding. Those who appear the most harmless, are also the most dangerous. You’re sweet little cherub pixie Piscean may not be so sweet after you cross her. Don’t forget that.

Haha Hell yeah xD I have mostly scorpio and cancer in my chart
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Life is too short for shitty sex and bad relationships.
So go find someone who fucks you right and treats you how you deserve to be treated.
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